The Ultimate Finance Challenge
for High School Students

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December 15th - March 30th

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Registration is open until January 15th, 2021

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Last year, we had over $500 dollars from Bank of America and First Republic Bank. We are hoping to increase our prize pool this year.

Educate yourself

By participating, you get a free course with input from licensed professionals on all aspects of investing and money management.

Awesome Speakers

On closing day, we have amazing talks from financial experts. Although COVID-19 didn't allow us have one last year, this year we hope to host a virtual event.

Great Experience

You also gain immense investing expertise in a friendly but competitive environment

What is the Bay Area Fantasy Finance Competition?

Branson Seniors Beau Weisman, Zac Singer, and Amrit Baveja have created a stock market challenge that allows students to participate in a virtual stock market competition. Students will place trades using virtual money in stocks currently traded on American markets. Last year, we raised over $500 to fund our competition between various schools; Andrew Chacon was the winner. The competition will take place from December 15th - March 30th on the Wall Street Platform. Students across the Bay Area compete to make the most virtual money from investing within the time frame during this time. We will allow the winning team to explain their success and their choices to win. This team will also receive a donation as a reward for their achievement. We hope this process will serve as a gateway to further exploration into investing and be an enjoyable process for participants. Students may sign up as a team under one account or trade by themselves. This year we are working with the Youth Finance Alliance, a collection of Bay Area Investment clubs, allowing us to reach a broader audience and have more significant resources.

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Beau Weisman

Beau is a Senior at the Branson School who is extremely passionate about investing. In fact, he is a leader of investment club at Branson, and strives to share his passion with others.

Amrit Baveja

Amrit Baveja is also a Senior at the Branson School passionate about the relationship between Articial Intelligence and Investing. Through co-leading this competition, he hopes to gain a better understanding of investment.

Zac Singer

Zac Singer is a Senior at the The Branson School who is passionate about the economy. He is a co-leader of investment club with Beau Weisman and enjoys sharing his technological experience with younger kids.



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Until January 15th, 2021


During this time, you will work with your team to maximize your returns on investement!

December 15th, 2020 to March 30th, 2021

Closing Day

On this day, we will announce the winner of the competition

March 31st, 2021

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